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Manage Substitutions

Substitutions apply anytime a matching phrase is used while the microphone is recording.

This applies to regular dictations, not to shortcuts.

When to use Substitutions:

  1. Substitutions:  One word or a group of words that would never normally be dictated alone or together. 


Word dictated:  Basophilic

Reconciles as:  Base of fillet


Word dictated:  Algerbrush

Reconciles as:   algae or brush

  1. Substitutions:  Personal Names that need to be capitalized.  Application knows many words but not personal names.

Words dictated:  rock hill clinic

Reconciles as:  rock hill clinic

Create Substitution as Rock Hill Clinic

  1. Substitutions:  As short text Inserts when dictating such as bland diet, medication protocols doctors signatures, etc.

Words dictated:  Insert Bland diet

Reconciles as:

The most commonly used bland diet is cooked white rice and a small amount of boiled boneless, skinless chicken breast (in a ¾ rice mix).  This bland diet is a diet that is soft and highly digestible. It is low in fiber, fat, and protein, and is high in carbohydrates. The bland diet can be fed for 3 -5 days with no treats or other food sources until stools are back to normal.  If anything during this time changes, the PET gets worse with HIS symptoms then I would advise taking HIM in for an appointment.  But if everything is back to normal, then transition back to a normal diet slowly over a week period  (i.e.  Start by adding 25% of the regular diet to 75% of the bland diet and feed that combination for two days).  If stools continue to be normal, then continue substituting the regular diet in 25% increments and feeding the combination in two day time intervals until the diet is 100% regular diet. Minimize treats for one week after moving the diet back to 100% regular diet.

Note: I added the prefix “Insert” to this phrase instead of using only “Bland Diet”.

This way I only get my example paragraph when I choose to.

If the phrase was “Bland Diet” the text above would always be returned.

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