Talkingvet® Chrome Extension allows you to voice enable your browser based EHR and practice solutions

The Talkingvet® Chrome Extension enables you to use the advanced veterinary speech recognition engine from nVoq to create your notes quickly and efficiently. 

You can use your smartphone (iPhone or Android), Philips SpeechMike Premium, Nuance PowerMic II or III or most any good quality microphone for amazingly fast and easy dictation. 

The Talkingvet® Chrome extension supports voice commands allowing you to insert predefined text into most areas of a webpage. You can also use voice commands to open up any custom templates you want to quickly populate field data and then easily transfer them to your browser field. You can also perform basic commands using your voice such as click, focus allowing for hands free operation! 

The Talkingvet® Chrome extension is supported on Windows, macOS, Ubuntu Linux and Chromebooks using Chrome version 103 and later. Allowing you to use it anywhere without any complicated installation. 

Note: You need to have an active Talkingvet® account in order to use this product and can be used on the US or Canada tenants.  

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