How good are Scribe AI solutions?

We are all amazed with the latest innovations coming out of AI. Truth be told, speech and dictation companies have been using this technology for many years, called “Large Language Models”. This is why the accuracy with today’s solutions are near perfect. It is common for a new veterinarian to experience 98% – 100% on the first day of usage. Training times are nonexistent. This all thanks to AI.

Now comes the next generation. Scribe AI systems that listen to a conversation and parses the speakers and context to generate a medial quality note. While the convenience of zero skill needed to use, the outcomes vary. As with all AI such as ChatGPT they tend to “hallucinate”. Implying facts that are fiction. Proofing is imperative and should be considered into your workflow.

Read the interview which expands on this quote “Errors such as listing medications a patient hasn’t taken are common to many AI algorithms, which often suffer from “hallucinations” where they present false information as true, DeepScribe co-founders Matthew Ko and Akilesh Bapu said”

If your hospital is currently researching documentation optimization technologies, be sure to test before committing. We are happy to demonstrate and set up a test environment to help you evaluate your best solution.

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