Does Dragon really work for Veterinarians?

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From: John XXXX
Sent: Wednesday, July 17, 2013 8:45 PM
To: Paul Messino
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Hi Paul,
I talked with someone in the NVA IT dept. a few weeks ago, he said my name had been forwarded to him as a dragon user. I explained that I enjoyed using Dragon and I knew it was making a positive impact on my medical record keeping. It would definitely make my life easier and I could possible get home earlier and stay married. I was amazed at the way Dragon was learning my speech and its way better at spelling medical terms than I am.

John, DVM, AVImArk user

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From: Jennifer XXXX
Date:04/11/2014 3:28 PM (GMT-05:00)
Subject: Dragon software testimonial
I invested in the Dragon medical speech recognition several months ago, hoping it would save time charting patients as we transition to a paper-light practice. I have been really impressed with the software. The speech recognition for medical terms shared with human medicine is fantastic. The weakness for veterinary practice often comes with more mundane words such as certain pet food brands and medication/product names that are common in animal medicine but not in human medicine, and some of the abbreviations we commonly use, such as for vaccines. However, it is easy to “train” these items into the speech recognition software. My current system is to jot a few notes in shorthand on a one page AVImark chart print-out that shows the client/patient/appointment information for each patient visit, and later that day, I can speed read my notes aloud into the AVImark medical condition window. I can SOAP the entire day’s appointments in 10-30 minutes, depending on how extensive my notes were. This is a huge improvement over typing or creating hand-written SOAPs, which I always dreaded and therefore procrastinated until I had a huge stack backed up for several weeks. I prefer to enter my own notes, as I often think of details to add that my receptionists would not know of, but the system can be tailored to multiple users, allowing other vets or staff members to transcribe. I love it and already depend on it. I’d recommend it to anyone who needs to keep medical records in digital format.

Jennifer, DVM, AVImArk user

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From: Anne XXXX
Date:07/01/2015 1:54 PM (GMT-05:00)
To: paulm
Subject: Dragon review

In transitioning to a paperless veterinary medical record system, we came to appreciate Business Technology Insight’s product Dragon Medical software specifically marketed to veterinarians. At my practice we use Cornerstone’s software. While we liked going paperless, the amount of data that needed to be entered to ensure efficient and complete records became overwhelming. At the end of each working day we spent many more hours writing records. Initially, we purchased Dragon Naturally Speaking but we learned that there were very few medical/technical words that were programmed into this software. To make the software more efficient, we took the time to enter the technical words into the software program. However, we quickly became frustrated because the software could not remember the terms imputed. In addition, Dragon Naturally Speaking frequently crashed Cornerstone and we would loose our

In researching a better product, we learned about Business Technology Insight and Dragon Medical software. We learned that BTI added a supplemental veterinary vocabulary to its product and this held considerable appeal for us. The doctors in my practice have been very pleased with this product since the opportunity to dictate medical records saves us about 30-50% of the time it takes to type them. An additional benefit to using Dragon Medical is that it is compatible with Cornerstone and we experience no crashing. Another big advantage to using this product is the technical support that is made available to those who use it. Once you purchase Speaking there is not only a training session but also much additional support offered as one learns to use the product. In addition, any questions we have about using the product are addressed quickly and efficiently when we call for support. Shawn, a technical support expert, consistently asks us for recommendations in an effort to improve the product, and he is diligent and conscientious about adding veterinary terminology to the software making it more user friendly for the veterinary community. We purchased our Dragon Medical from in the fall of 2014. As we continue to use the product, we have learned that there are many ways to make dictation efficient. For example, temples can be created that expedite record keeping. We would encourage our colleagues to look into Business Technology Insight’s veterinary product.

Anne, Dragon user

I have worked with Paul and his team with several of my opportunities. The feedback I have received from them has been very positive regarding the ease of use between Dragon and AVImark. When I contact Paul I always get a quick response and find them very helpful.

Joyce Sutton, AVImark Sales Specialist –West Region

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From: Kevin D
Sent: Friday, October 31, 2014 8:29 PM
To: Shawn Stright
Subject: Re: Dragon and my speakers…

Hi Shawn…I figured this out before I read your email, but thanks for the reply.
I am still appreciating my Dragon. We just had our largest gross$ month in
10-1/2 years (5th largest month ever…) and we’ve been just working our posteriors off. I have been totally slammed. All of my histories are done, it is 6:25PM and I’m going home. Sweet!

Kevin D, Dragon User