I’d like to introduce you to Paul Messino with Talkingvet.  He helped me pick the veterinary dictation software that I use now.  I LOVE it because it works on both Mac and PC.

The other part that is really cool is that part of the onboarding for the software is that they listen to your dictations and edit how the software hears you –  so that each time you use it there’s less and less correction needed. I believe I’m at roughly 99% accuracy.

Few things that make it unique:

  •          It is made for veterinary medical terminology.
  •          You can use it with your computer in real time or with your iPhone remote if away from a computer.
  •          I also use shortcuts.  o    Or if I say “chicken and rice recipe” it’ll type “Boil chicken and cook white rice. Shred the chicken into the cooked white rice, and add roughly ½ cup of warm water. Mix thoroughly, and feed to your pet in place of its usual meals. You can also feed this in smaller quantities throughout the day which can be easier for their gut to handle.”
  • o    For example for my Ask.Vet typical greeting I say “Vet Greeting” and it automatically types “Hi, I’m Dr. Cherice Roth,  please give me a moment while I read over your pet’s information and your question.”  

Super easy and WAY less typing!!   I use it for both Ask.Vet AND my in clinic medical notes because you can put it on as many machines as you want and like I said it doesn’t matter if it’s Mac or PC.

Enter your information on the contact form and I’ll let Paul take if from here. They will set up a brief call to answer any questions you may have and set you up for a complimentary test drive.

Cherice Roth, DVM

Vice President Veterinary Operations

PS:  Since you get paid 1099 for Ask.Vet you can also use it as a tax deduction.  So that was another positive for me!