Talkingvet® Mobile allows you to capture your narrative away from your computer.

Talkingvet® Mobile allows you to drastically increase your productivity by allowing you to freely create dictations on the go without being tied to your computer. You dictate your notes after each client and upload them right on the spot and the audio is immediately converted to text so that when you are ready to review them, they will be sitting there waiting for you. 

You can review the voice recognized text on your iPhone or through the Talkingvet® Web portal. Your dictation audio is converted to text using a state of the art speech to text engine with a specific veterinary vocabulary. No generic speech engines used here. 

You can also add your own custom words and substitutions reducing the amount of time you need to spend correcting your text. 

Talkingvet® Mobile does require a Talkingvet® subscription which gives you access to the Talkingvet® Product Suite giving you the freedom to create your patient notes as it suits your workflow.  


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