Would you rather spend your time typing or treating?

No-brainer, right? With SayIt™ you can do just that!

Easily save 25% or more documentation time each day!

Whether you work in a clinic or as a mobile vet, SayIt simplifies your day by converting spoken words to text in seconds directly into the system of record. SayIt even recognizes drug names and veterinary terms–all at no extra cost! SayIt is compatible with any system of record without the need for integration. And, with SayIt, there’s no need for IT support. No software to install or maintain. What could be better?

SayIt Advantages

Easy, Affordable, Portable, and Friendly:

  • SayIt is simple to learn and use: Most providers are productive using SayIt within 30 minutes of being trained.
  • With flexible, low cost subscription pricing, SayIt is designed to be affordable.
  • Because SayIt is cloud-based, wherever there’s an internet connection, you have access to SayIt.
  • One SayIt account works well for both PC and Mac – no need to buy two products!
  • SayIt also offers a free Wireless Mic app!

Reduce Documentation Time and Effort:

  • Reduce errors while entering data at 3-4X the speed of typing!
  • Improve consistency of clinical documentation by creating detailed narratives quickly and accurately—directly into the system of record!
  • Use voice or touch shortcuts to activate EHR macros, insert templates, and navigate system screens.

Optimize your Workflow:

  • Complete templates and reports in seconds vs. minutes – using simple voice or touch commands.