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Manage Shortcuts

The two types of shortcuts available are “Insert Text” and “Template”

A template will prompt to input variables while the insert text will paste a predefined block of static text.

  1. Template – Text inside of square brackets will be treated as a default variable. The brackets can also be left blank if a default variable does not apply.

Once saved, refresh or reload the current webpage.

The template can be launched by pressing the keyboard shortcut key (Default is F4) and saying the spoken form name of your shortcut. If you have a Philips SpeechMike shortcuts are launched with INS\OVR.

The template will popup in the Talkingvet scratchpad to be edited

The tab key or the double arrow >> key on your Philips SpeechMike to advance through the different variables.

If I wanted to keep BAR I would tab over it and possibly change out the hydration level, pain score, and body condition score as needed.

If the patient was NOT bight, alert, and responsive I would press on the record button for my microphone and speak over top of BAR with their current conditions.

Once you are done editing your template, click back into the target windows text field. The text can be transferred using any of the following ways.

  • Press EOL on your Philips SpeechMike
  • Click the Transfer button at the top of the Scratchpad window
  • Press the Transfer Hotkey (Default is F5)

  1. Insert Text – Allows pasting of a predetermined phrase, sentence, or paragraph.

Once saved, refresh or reload the current webpage.

Insert text’s DO NOT popup in the scratchpad and will insert directly into the text area where the cursor is active.

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